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Tourmaline and Silver Flower Ring

  • September 15, 2012 11:47 PM

For some time I’ve been seeing quite a few flower rings in jewelry shops. In this age where almost everything is industrialized, people have a need for handmade items, jewelry inspired from Nature such as leaf earrings, twigs, freeform items and flowers.

I thought to myself “I’d like to create my own flower ring”. So I sat at my table, and while I had the word “daffodil” on my mind, I went ahead and handcrafted a sterling silver flower ring. I used one of my  flower shaped silver casts, then sawed another, larger flower from an 0.7 mm thick piece of sterling silver, hammered  and reshaped it, then soldered the smaller one on top or the larger one. I added a band ring on the back and finally made the bezel and oxidized the larger flower. Finally I set a 9mm Tourmaline cabochon on top. Color of the stone is rust. I believe it does remind one of a daffodil…kind of romantic. Don’t you agree?

Tourmaline flower ring - Riorita handmade jewelry designs

Tourmaline flower ring – Riorita handmade jewelry designs



Tomorrow I intend to add another Sapphire and silver flower ring to my shop.

Thank you for watching!

Link to my Tourmaline silver and flower ring: