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Saturday Inspirations

  • May 8, 2012 8:30 AM

I woke up Saturday morning with a great positive attitude,I opened my living room window to let my cat Mazzie out to the small balcony I have fixed for her, so she enjoys the sun, the air, catching a few flies, and making these funny sounds whenever a bird passes by. Then I looked a my window box not very far away from her, and was please to see that my herbs – mint, Sage and Verbena, were doing fine in the Spring weather. Then I knew! I will handcraft a spontaneous necklace with leaves and Aquamarine beach glass! And so I did:

In the winter all my herbs looked wilted and lifeless. Mazzie is ready for her phtograph!

Saturday they looked like this:

Spring - Sage,Mint and Verbena in my Window box.


Saturday long, I sat at my work table, listening to my favorite music, and in the evening the spontaneous necklace was ready:


Riorita Jewelry - Aquamarine glass and leaf necklace

 I hope to handcraft a whole collection in this style! If you are interested – you wait and see!


Happy Color For Spring

  • March 28, 2011 10:04 AM

Spring is here again Halleluya!

Time to celebrate it by wearing these awesome  teardrop Red Agate  dangles! Even if you are in the most serene mood, these firy earrings which I handcrafted in my handmade jewelry designs workshop will make you look happy and, believe it or not, will  even change your mood accordingly, becuase people will be SMILING at you!

You can find them right here:

Handcrafted artisan jewelry by riorita

After you purchase them, please contact me and dare to tell me I was wrong!!!!

Until then – here’s some love from me: