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Refreshing my shop with professional photographs and a model

  • October 22, 2012 12:40 AM


Lately I’ve been thinking that my jewelry on Etsy needed a more refreshing presentation. I also thought that adding a few professional photographs of a model to my shop would add life and color to it.

There are many wonderful photographers these days, but I needed one who would understand what I need. I searched on Facebook and suddenly encountered some awesome close ups of flowers and insects and a young woman with an amazing open smile displaying a ring.

I thought to myself: “This is what I want in my shop!”

I sent a message to the photographer, and what do you know, she lives not very far away from me….

You will find her on Facebook under Vered Brikenshtain

 Elegant gold dome necklace


Silver Curl and spiral  earrings by Riorita Handmade Jewelry Designs

Silver Curl and spiral earrings by Riorita Handmade Jewelry Designs



Garnet and silver earrings by Riorita Jewelry Designs on Etsy

Garnet and silver earrings by Riorita Jewelry Designs on Etsy

I believe these photographs are saying it all!

You will find  more in my Etsy shop:

Thank you for watching!


May Birthstone – Emerald Colors

  • May 19, 2010 9:40 AM

My Etsy shop:

It has been long since I’ve visited my blog site, but here I am. Finally found the time. You know what they say – “if you do not have time, make time”,  so I found an hour or so to dedicate to some of my favorite Etsy items. So here we go:

First of all let me present to you two of  my new May Birthstone Chrysoprase rings:
My facetted  Chrysoprase set in myJewelry ring created from Sterling silver and Gold.

I have a magic box full of beautiful stones, which I’ve collected through the years. I found two lovely Chrysoprase stones and the first one is this one:

May Birthstone -Facetted Chrysoprase sterling silver and gold ring

Here is the second ring:
May Birthstone – Oval Chrysoprase Cabochon Flower Shaped Sterling silver Jewelry Ring.

May Birthstone - Oval Chrysoprase Cabochon Flower shaped ring


After going through other Etsy shops I found two more stunning  pieces, which I could not leave out:

Ella sings Gershwin
by artist DavidRickert.

The artist  presents us with a semi-abstract portrait of the Legendary jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald and her Gershwin album. The portrait was originally painted on canvas .

Portrait of Ella Fitzgerald

My immortal Ella. I keep quite a remarkable number of her disks.  Will love to listen to her forever!

And last, but not least my favorite Etsy friend Peylu:

The multi media artist Peylu

Here is a beautiful photograph of hers which she calls

Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to Heaven



She says : “One of my Peacock friends at the local zoo posed for posterity.He was rather proud of himself having just flown down the tall oak tree with a perfect landing.”

The print is signed, dated and delivered to your door via post in a protective sleeve/sturdy bend proof mailer.

When you enter all the three shops presented here I am quite certain you’ll enjoy viewing  many more awesome art finds!