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Sterling Silver Casual earrings

  • May 30, 2012 7:29 AM

Sometimes I look at all the remains and scraps of silver which I collect while I work at my work bench, and say to myself “You must do something with it. These scraps are lying there and should be made into something”. So a few mornings ago, I  sat decidedly at my table,  picked up the sterling silver pieces I had collected  from the box, and was at a loss what to do with them. Knowing that my creativity develops once I begin, I picked a piece of paper and started to draw shapes of earrings, chose one of the shapes in my drawings and began to hammer the scraps, filed them, granulated a few tiny ones and soldered them to the larger ones,added the earwires, tried them on and went to the mirror to see what I have come up with. I think I did not do too badly. Hope you agree!


Riorita Handmade Casual Silver dangle earrings

Riorita Handmade Casual Silver dangle earrings


ECO handmade Sterling silver earrings


Size of each earring: 26mm x 9mm (about 1″ x 0.35″)

They are light, pretty and dangley. Just in time for summer!

New ring added to my handmade jewelry designs shop

  • April 3, 2011 3:18 PM

I have taken  a very small break from my ancient coin jewelry. A really VERY SMALL one!

What happened is I  found this awesome Rutil Quartz stone and decided to handcraft a ring of it. The stone has a happy translucent quality with golden threads passing through it from one end to another. Awesome stone!

I designed and handcrafted a sterling silver ring, added two small pieces of 14 Karat gold on each side of the stone for enhancement.  I believe when you see it you will love it too!

Riorita handmade jewelry designs Rutil Quartz ring

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