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Three Rings with Stones, One Band Design

  • June 8, 2013 9:11 PM

Lately I’ve been in a “ring making” mood. For quite a few years, I’ve built up a small collection of various gemstones in different shapes, colors , sizes and prices, and there they are,  hidden from the eyes of the world. I thought this was a real shame and  have decided it was high time to set them in my jewelry

As these half prescious stones stand out in their beauty, I decided that what would give them a different appearance from regular stone rings would be their band design. For this purpose I chose a carved ring which I have designed beforehand, which I cast to a number of duplicates and soldered them to the Sterling Silver backs of my stone rings.

Here is the band ring photographed on the hands of a model accompanied with two thinner bands as a set of stacking rings:


Set of Carved Silver Stacking Rings - Rioritajewelry

Set of Carved Silver Stacking Rings – Rioritajewelry

The first Stone Ring is a large Oval Lapis Lazuli stone set in a Gold bezel on the large band shown above.

The second Silver Gemstone Ring is set with a beautiful Koroit Opal stone:



The third stone ring is a Silver Carnelian Gemstone ring

I believe that adding a simple silver band to these stones would make them look good too, but I somehow felt they would be even more special if I attached them to a different kind of band. Hope you will agree with me.

The three Stone rings are OOAK (One of a Kind) rings.

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Two New Silver Opal Gemstone Rings

  • May 7, 2013 1:07 AM

Every once in a while I like to pick up natural, freeform stones from my collection and set them in my Silver rings. I have a tendency to prefer natural , hand cut Opal stones. Not the very expensive ones, which cost thousands of dollars , but natural pieces. The reason I like Opals so much is they are full of surprises. No two stones look the same.

The new rings I have created are completely different from each other.

The first is my Oval Opal Silver Ring:


Oval Opal Ring by Rioritajewelry

Oval Opal Ring Handmade by Rioritajewelry
Oval Opal Ring - Handcrafted by Rioritajewelry

Oval Opal Ring – Handcrafted by Rioritajewelry

The above ring is handcrafted with an Oval Opal gemstone, a Koroit Opal cabochon from Australia  .I handcrafted the carved wide band then soldered the bezel on top. Finally set this beautiful unusual Opal stone in it.

The stone Koroit boulder opal cabochon was cut from a split opal nut. In the center you can see white and crystal opal and you can also view a deep blue-purple fire.There is some bright emerald green here and there, peeping as you turn the stone from side to side.

Size : US size 7.5
Width of the band : 10.5mm
Weght of the stone: 46.18 carats.
Size of the stone: 18mm x 30mm x 6mm

The second ring is a Freeform Opal and Silver Ring:

Freeform Opal and Silver Ring handcrafted by Rioritajewelry

Freeform Opal and Silver Ring handcrafted by Rioritajewelry

Freeform Opal and Silver Ring  - back of the ring

Freeform Opal and Silver Ring – back of the ring

As the stone cutter said about it: “The stone has beautiful Opal patterns and a nice solid matrix. It is thick and shows pastel colors with a few clouds laying on top. When viewed from different angles you may see a sudden glow of fiery Turquoise then a cloudy blend of pink and purple met with a contrast of Brown. It has a nice shine to it. The matrix of the stone is solid”.

Both rings can be found in my Etsy shop:

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