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Tear Drop Turquoise Aqua Marine Jewelry Ring

  • November 13, 2009 6:18 PM

I posted this ring yesterday in my Etsy shop . The Turquoise and Aqua Marine coloured beach glass was set by me in a ring which I designed and created from Sterling silver. I set the bezel in the shape of a large tear-drop and fitted the beach glass into it.

Turquoise Aqua Marine Tear Drop Beach Glass sterling jewelry ring

After creating the ring from Sterling Silver I soldered 6 tiny 14k gold balls on both sides of the bezel. (3 from each side).
When I finished setting the piece of Sea glass into the bezel,I Oxidized it and gave it a matt finish.

Size of the ring: US size 7.5.
Size of the beach glass: about 2.5cm x 2cm
Max. thickness of the glass : about 11mm

Turquoise Aqua Marine sterling jewelry ring

Turquoise is the stone color of the month of December .It is a One Of A Kind unique jewelry ring, and the Turquoise-Aqua Marine hues of the glass are most flattering to the hand.

Jewelry ring on the handsterling jewelry








Aqua Marine sterling Jewelry ring

Price : US$ 105.00

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