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Giant Silver Ring with a Ruby

  • July 8, 2013 6:39 PM

Last month I took a few days off to Berlin in Germany, and among many other beautiful places I have visited there, I took a little stroll through a small Artists market.  There were many lovely items in small stands there. Oil paintings beside antique drawings, handmade dolls made of felt, vintage clothes  and such.  Of course my favorite stands were those of the handmade jewelry artists.

One of the items I loved most were a collection of rings made of metal with various stones in them. One of the rings, which I fell in love with immediately, was a large dark flower with a yellow amber set on it. I tried it on, and although I have small hands it surprisingly looked as if I wore a large flower on my hand.Of course I immediately wanted to buy it, but when the seller told me the price and I did not have that much cash on me, I thought to myself: ” Make one of your own!”.

And so I did.

I did not photograph it, but let the idea  remain in my mind. Last week I decided to make one of my own. I took a large piece of flat Sterling Silver and spontaneousely hammered it to the shape of a large tropical flower. As it is the month of July, and July’s birthstone, I  picked out a natural oval Ruby gemstone from my stone collection and set it in the middle. Here is the result:




Giant silver Ruby Flower Ring - Rioritajewelry

Giant silver Ruby Flower Ring – Rioritajewelry


Giant silver Ruby Flower Ring - Rioritajewelry

Giant silver Ruby Flower Ring – Rioritajewelry



Ancient Greek coin silver ring

  • January 9, 2013 4:09 PM

One of the things I love to do most is handcrafting a ring or a pendant with an ancient coin. The coins I refer to were each stamped individually from silver, brass or copper. They can be defined in today’s terms as “one of a kind” coins.

One of the coins I picked for my ring is an Ancient Greek coin silver ring . The coin is authentic and was struck in  the Kingdom of Parthia, showing king Osreus II. It is a  drachm dated 190AD. I handcerafted a  sterling silver ring and set this unusual coin in it.

Ancient coin Parthian Ring by Rioritajewelry


The Parthian Empire was actually the Persian kingdom during the rules of ancient Greece and Rome. The Parthians resided in ancient Persia (today : Iran) between 247 B.C. and 228 A.D .They had defeated the Seleucids, which were the successors of Alexander the Great , and took over a very big part of the Middle East and southwest Asia.  The empire of Parthia counterbalanced the Roman empire. The had ruled in areas which are know to us today as – Armenia ,Afghanistan, Azerbaidzhan,Georgia,  Iran,  Iraq,Jordan, Israel,  Syria, Lebanon,Turkey, Turkmenistan,  Pakistan and Tajikistan.

Ancient coin Parthian Ring - Osreus II- hyandcrafted by rioritajewelry


In 113AD, Trajan, the Roman emperor, had conquered Parthia and deposed King Osreus I of Parthia, but when Trajan died, Osreus returned and reclaimed the Persian throne.This was followed by the his recognition by Roman caesar Hadrian .

The image on the front surface of the coin is of Osreus II , whom we do not know much about when we try to search information through History books. What we do find are the coins he produced.

Ancient coin Parthian Ring - Inside part of the ring


You will find this ring in my Etsy shop:

Ring size: US size 8, Can be re-adjusted.