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  • April 29, 2009 9:09 AM

My Handmade Jewelry

My name is Irith Rita Mashiah .

I call my handmade jewelry shop Riorita. I have been a silver and goldsmith for the last 15 years and enjoy every minute of it.

I live in Haifa Israel, by the Meditteraenean, and my handmade jewelry workshop is situated in a small artists “colony” in Kibbutz Ein Carmel near Haifa. There is a lawn with statues and more workshops of various artists across my workshop.


Me at my table

Path to my HandMade jewelry workshop


Before creating handmade jewelry I used to knit and crochet anything from table cloths to small curtains. I used to sew all my clothes. But  ever since I started jewelry making, all I have in my mind is  handmade jewelry design.

I started creating jewelry after I got tired of working as a legal secretary. I remember that during a lunch break, I passed by a silver smith’s shop, looked at his window and thought to myself: “I think this is what I want to do… I am going to try it!”. Following this thought, I began my studies at the Wizo Art school in Haifa.

I sell my jewelry in the main gallery of Ein Hod ,an artists’ village close to where I work, in Tefen art gallery shop, and more galleries around Israel. Many of my handmade  jewelry items are sold abroad.

In my handmade jewelry workshop I design and create jewelry in Silver and Gold combined with semi-precious stones and precious gems. Many of my items are hammered in the repoussee technique which means they are hammered on top of a bowl of pitch which gives them a three-dimensional or a sculptural effect.
Some of my handmade jewelry designs are symmetrical, such as geometrical shapes, hearts, butterflies or leaves, but I also like using asymmetrical shapes.
What I keep in mind is that jewelry should give women a feeling that they look beautiful and special. Sometimes just a row of pearls can do the job, but on other occasions my jewelry adds a desirable effect.

I design and create: handmade necklace jewellery, sterling necklace, heart necklace ,earrings sterling silver,earring silver gold filled earrings, gold earrings, silver jewelry ring, 14k gold ring, yellow gold ring, gold band ring, 18k white gold ring,sterling pendant, silver 925 bracelet,silver heart bracelet and many more handmade jewelry items which can be custom made.

Path to my HandMade jewelry workshopMy handmade jewelry workshop is located in a pastoral area, surrounded with about 28 more artists. We visit each other and sometimes have coffee breaks and lunch together, and it is real fun being there.In this blogsite, I am bringing along with me some of my beloved Artist friends. I added them by their art fields and you are all invited to meet them.Right across my door with my dog Kaya




Another wall in my workshop-gallery
Another wall in my workshop-gallery