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Silver and Aquamarine Sea glass Earrings

  • May 12, 2012 12:31 AM


I do not know what made me pick up these blue pieces of beach glass and decide to make earrings of them. Perhaps it is the blue sky these Spring days or maybe the sea, which I watch every day of the year, on my way to my handmade jewelry studio. Anyway – the result of watching the sea and the clear skies inspired me to handcraft these light blue earrings. Two pieces of glass which the sea, in collaboration with the winds and the salt, have turned into free formed beauties.

I set them in sterling silver bezels ,added ear wires and let them speak for themselves:


Tomorrow morning I shall be off to the beach again, to see what the shore has to offer me again!

Tear Drop Turquoise Aqua Marine Jewelry Ring

  • November 13, 2009 6:18 PM

I posted this ring yesterday in my Etsy shop . The Turquoise and Aqua Marine coloured beach glass was set by me in a ring which I designed and created from Sterling silver. I set the bezel in the shape of a large tear-drop and fitted the beach glass into it.

Turquoise Aqua Marine Tear Drop Beach Glass sterling jewelry ring

After creating the ring from Sterling Silver I soldered 6 tiny 14k gold balls on both sides of the bezel. (3 from each side).
When I finished setting the piece of Sea glass into the bezel,I Oxidized it and gave it a matt finish.

Size of the ring: US size 7.5.
Size of the beach glass: about 2.5cm x 2cm
Max. thickness of the glass : about 11mm

Turquoise Aqua Marine sterling jewelry ring

Turquoise is the stone color of the month of December .It is a One Of A Kind unique jewelry ring, and the Turquoise-Aqua Marine hues of the glass are most flattering to the hand.

Jewelry ring on the handsterling jewelry








Aqua Marine sterling Jewelry ring

Price : US$ 105.00

To buy: