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Giant Citrine Silver Ring

  • September 14, 2013 12:41 PM

I have always loved to use the Repousse technique when handcrafting a piece of jewelry. Instead of using wax to create certain forms and having them cast to sterling silver shapes, I sometimes simply take a piece of flat silver and hammer it to a certain form. Sometimes I spend many enthusiastic hours in doing this, as I cannot wait to see the result.

As explained above, I hammered two pieces of silver. The larger piece has the shape of a flower,  the smaller – A shape which would be able to embed an oval pendant for a Citrine stone. I soldered the smaller piece in the middle of the larger one.Finally added the bezel and set the light brown  stone inside.

The ring turned out to be a rather large bold and beauiful flower ring.

The Sterling silver hallmark and my personal signature are imprinted on the back of the ring.

It is a One of a kind item

Citrine is a gemstone which is part of a mineral quartz group. The colors range from light yellow – similar to the more expensive Yellow Topaz – to brown which is similar to Smokey Quartz. You will also find orange variations.

An interesting anecdote: Citrine is also named the “stone of the mind” as in ancient cultures they believed that placing this stone on an older person’s forehead would increase his psychic abilities.

Citrine crystals formed together with Amethyst create a bi-colored gemstone named Ametrine.

Another fact – most Citrine stones which are sold these days, are heat-treated Amethysts and mostly arrive from Brazil Although Brazil  sells natural stones too. Other natural Citrine stones are from Russia – The Ural Mountains, Madagascar and France. I would like to emphasize that the brown stone in my ring is a natural Citrine.

The low grade Citrine stones are a result of being heated at  high temperatures. The outcome is a variety of orange,  and Cherry  colors. The darker colors are more valuable.

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My Silver Bracelet with Hollowform Leaves, Gold and Stones

  • January 31, 2012 12:38 AM

Ever since I was a child I used to dream up things. I dreamed I would have lots of kids , that I would marry the most handsome and good hearted man, that I would be a rich woman, etc..

Well – none of these dreams have come true – I have only one child (and she is the world to me), I have not found that heart of gold I’ve been searching for (and I’m getting older – ha!) and as for becoming rich  – well….

But there are dreams which I insist must come true. And they do!

Sometimes I dream of a jewelry item  I would design and produce, and then I go ahead and create it!

This bracelet is one of my dreams come true:


Riorita Silver Hollowform dream bracelet

Silver Gold and Stones Hollowform Leaf bracelet


Silver Gold and Stones Hollowform Leaf bracelet

Silver Gold and Stones Hollowform Leaf bracelet


Riorita's Silver Hollowform leaves bracelet - angle 1

Silver Gold and Stones Hollowform Leaf bracelet



When I know I can imagine  a jewelry design and turn it into something real , I have a feeling of accomplishment. This makes me a happy person!