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Wide Handcrafted Hammered Silver Cuff Bracelets

  • April 14, 2014 2:26 PM




I was wondering what my next project would be. My eyes watched the sunny landscape outside my window, and suddenly I was happy and creative, and the idea of hammering Silver cuff bracelets entered my mind. I cried “WOW” and could not wait until I sat at my work table and began to hammer wide strips of silver to the shapes I had in my mind.Like John Lennon, ( hope he will forgive the comparison, up there, where he is now)  I did not believe in fashion, I did not believe in “will it sell?”, I did not believe in “the materials are too expensive these days”. I have just believed in me! (high time!)This is the first one:


hammered Cuff Bracelet by Riorita

When I say “Hammered” I mean – by using the Repoussee technique – hammering the Silver in a bowl of pitch. As I love rounded shapes the inspiration was of waves of flower petals.

The second Cuff Bracelet is a very long snake with a twirl in the middle of his body which is on one end, and his head and tail, almost meet, on the other.

Hammered Silver Snake Cuff Bracelet by rioritajewelry

Hammered Silver Snake Cuff Bracelet by rioritajewelry

Hammered Silver Snake Cuff Bracelet by rioritajewelryThe red stone on the edge with the twirl is a piece of red sea glass, which I set for a little enhancement.So ladies – if you like cuff bracelets with flowers, waves and snakes you can find them here:

Happy days everyone!




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Why I Like selling on the Internet

  • October 28, 2013 9:26 AM

I began handcrafting my jewelry in 1994. I invested a lot of time,love and  creativity while creating it, but thought to myself: “This is all great, but what about selling”?  It was wonderful having my friends buy, and spread the word around – “Irith made this for me isn’t it lovely”?  but the :”Word to Mouth” option was not good enough.I needed the money to cover my expenses and have more to help me make an honest living.

 I had to start searching for  elegant artisan shops and galleries to sell my jewelry . Obviousely, I had to do a lot of running around. Beside this I needed to participate in many Artisan markets and events,  where I had to carry my jewelry along with me every time, from one place to the other. This was of course, fun, but energy consuming. I used to think to myself -” this is all fantastic but  when shall I have the time to go on creating”? Besides, what about the wonderful buyers from around the  world ? I do not wish to sell to local customers only!”

Then I discovered a few Internet shops, and realized I could do the same – sell my jewelry to the whole world while I am at the comfort of my home wearing my slippers.


Long Goldplated Silver Dangle earrings by Rioritajewelry

Long Goldplated Silver Dangle earrings by Rioritajewelry

I  began taking photographs of my jewelry.The first photographs were not so great. I believe I have improved my photos in time, but once I added my items to Internet shops, business started moving upward! I started this blog and began to add some photographs to it too.

 I commenced selling on Ebay and Etsy, and gradually added more sites which are available for selling my work.

My advice to all Internet seller is:  – never miss opportunities to show your artisan creativity in “Arts and Crafts” galleries on the internet.

No more running around searching for market places. Now I am happy to say : “Hello World! Welcome to my home!”


Thank you for watching!