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Bulky Silver Prehnite Ring – Large Statement Ring

  • May 26, 2013 9:50 PM

One of my favorite translucent natural stones is Prehnite. When I found a large unusual square Prehnite cabochon  I liked it mainly because even though the stone was cut, it seemed to retain a natural look. It looked like a mini magical natural pool with a rock emerging out to the surface.That was when I decided to set it in a Sterling Silver silver ring.

The ring is bulky and the surface, like the stone, is square. I hammered a wide strip of silver of 0.10 thickness, with a zigzag  texture and soldered it to the bezel of the stone.

Ring Size:US 8.25. Due to the width of the band will fit a finger size 8

Width of the band: 18mm.
Size of the stone: 22mm X 22mm x 7mm

Square Prehnite Silver Ring -  Rioritajewelry

Square Prehnite Silver Ring by Rioritajewelry

Prehnite is named after a Dutch colonel named  H. Von Prehn, who had discovered Prehnite in 1774 at the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. Before him the gemstone was named “Cape Emerald”, as many Prehnite stones have an Emerald Green shade.

Prehnite is a rather strong crystal,and relatively resists scratches. It is composed of Aluminum, Calcium and Silicon . Some of the stones contain a small trace of iron.

At first Prehnite was considered a rare stone. For numerous years South Africa was known to be the only area in which it was found, but later it was discovered in the U.S.,Canada, Western Europe and India.

The shades of Prehnite range from pale yellow to  brown.

Prehnite can be found in basaltic rocks,  and in some metamorphic rocks as well. While  pale green masses are found in Scotland,  The Green-Brown rocks are found in Australia.

Square Prehnite Silver Ring - Rioritajewelry

Square Prehnite Silver Ring – Rioritajewelry


Bulky Silver Prehnite Ring - Rioritajewelry

Bulky Silver Prehnite Ring – Rioritajewelry


Hope you will like my ring as much as I do.

Thank you for watching!