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Why I Like selling on the Internet

  • October 28, 2013 9:26 AM

I began handcrafting my jewelry in 1994. I invested a lot of time,love and  creativity while creating it, but thought to myself: “This is all great, but what about selling”?  It was wonderful having my friends buy, and spread the word around – “Irith made this for me isn’t it lovely”?  but the :”Word to Mouth” option was not good enough.I needed the money to cover my expenses and have more to help me make an honest living.

 I had to start searching for  elegant artisan shops and galleries to sell my jewelry . Obviousely, I had to do a lot of running around. Beside this I needed to participate in many Artisan markets and events,  where I had to carry my jewelry along with me every time, from one place to the other. This was of course, fun, but energy consuming. I used to think to myself -” this is all fantastic but  when shall I have the time to go on creating”? Besides, what about the wonderful buyers from around the  world ? I do not wish to sell to local customers only!”

Then I discovered a few Internet shops, and realized I could do the same – sell my jewelry to the whole world while I am at the comfort of my home wearing my slippers.


Long Goldplated Silver Dangle earrings by Rioritajewelry

Long Goldplated Silver Dangle earrings by Rioritajewelry

I  began taking photographs of my jewelry.The first photographs were not so great. I believe I have improved my photos in time, but once I added my items to Internet shops, business started moving upward! I started this blog and began to add some photographs to it too.

 I commenced selling on Ebay and Etsy, and gradually added more sites which are available for selling my work.

My advice to all Internet seller is:  – never miss opportunities to show your artisan creativity in “Arts and Crafts” galleries on the internet.

No more running around searching for market places. Now I am happy to say : “Hello World! Welcome to my home!”


Thank you for watching!




Designing Handcrafted Jewelry and Remaining in Fashion

  • October 27, 2013 11:18 AM

.How I Design my Handmade Jewelry to be Classic yet Contemporary 

I believe that the invention of the Internet has greatly contributed to marketing my Handmade jewelry in Silver Gold and Stones.  Before using the internet for my sales I depended very much on my local clientele. Becoming a popular Jewelry Designer is not always easy. On one hand I would love to do my own ideas, free from anydictation from anyone, as real artists do, but on the other – in order to sell more, I need to remember that most people search for designs which are new and  the latest in fashion  and I wish to attractive to these buyers too

 The competition between jewelry designer today is very tight. The idea is that if I create  my designs according to what is fashionable, they will be more  likely to be sought after

When I started to handcraft jewelry I made large jewelry items, as was in fashion in the Eighties.Then my daughter grew up to be a teenager in the Nineties. She would say- “Mom, you should begin to design smaller wearrings. This is what me and my girlfriends would like you to show us”. I followed her request, as teenagers know best (I never argue with a teenager, especially if she is my daughter!) and truthfully 

,small earrings and dainty necklaces were sold out first

.Ever since I have begun selling on the internet, I’ve realized there is a market for almost all of my jewelry designs On one hand I design  large hammered pieces and on the other – smaller daintier items, to fit the requirements of the buyer  community .Most of my target customers are  ladies in their forties and fifties, and are able to ppreciate my designs more. While I try to be in fashion on one hand, I try to keep my own creative spirit on the other

One of the ways to stay in fashion  and still obtain my own style, is by watching what the most fashionable people in the world wear and be inspired by their jewelry. When I watch movie actresses appear in  public interviews  I think to myself – “I can make similar earrings or necklaces, but they wil still be me. Something which I have created and not copied. My own fashionable design”.