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Ancient Roman and Greek Coin Jewelry – Again!

  • August 17, 2013 6:38 PM

I am a romatic person. I love flowers and beautiful animals, I love going to museums with ancient sculptures, marvelling at the important historical figures in them. On the other hand, sometimes I like to stay home, hold an ancient 2000 year old coin in my hand and say to myself : “This coin is about 2000 years old. God knows how many people have touched it, bought food or clothes with it,  stole it, killed for it and now it is here in my own home!”

So – it is time to move this coin on further to my customers. Coins will be around for thousand of years, while people come and go.

Therefore I have lately made three jewelry items by using 3 coins from of my ancient coin collection:

1. An ancient silver Roman coin necklace. The coin is an authentic bronze coin which was struck sometime around 337AD. On the front of the coin you can see the image of Constantius II who was the emperor of Rome at that time. The back displays an oak wreath with monograms. I set the coin in a Sterling silver bezel. The design is minimal and hangs from a Sterling Silver foxtail chain. The clasp is a handcrafted hammered hook.


Ancient Coin Necklace July 2013 078

Ancient Coin Necklace July 2013 078

 2. Ancient Greek Coin Necklace – Goddess Athena

The second item is another necklace, set with an Ancient Greek coin showing the image of Goddess Athena. The coin is an authentic rare bronze coin struck in Thessalonica, Macedonia in Greece, between  158-149 B.C. There is a helmet on Athena’s head. The back shows us an oak wreath with monograms. The coin was struck in the short period after the conquer of the Macedonians by the Romans.  Athena’s head is influenced by the Roman style of ancient Roman republic coins from that time.

For this unique coin I hammered a round pendant on a piece of flat silver and set the coin in the middle . The pendant hangs from an industrial loop chain which I divided in two, then handcrafted a silver hook and connected it close to the pendant. I like it that way and believe it make the necklace more unique. Nevertheless,  if the customer prefers the hook on the back ,customer can contact me and I will  change it accordingly.

The necklace is a a statement necklace and a one of a kind item.

Ancient Greek Coin Necklace - Athena

Ancient Greek Coin Necklace – Athena


3.  Ancient Roman Coin Ring

Another coin with Constantius II. I set the coin in a Sterling Silver ring and decorated the sides with wrapped thread of fine silver. On the back (inside) of the ring you can view Nike the Goddess of Victory. 

Ancient Coin Ring Constantius

Ancient Coin Ring Constantius

Ancient Coin Ring Constantius- Nike

Thanks for watching!