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Unusual Pink Sea Glass Pendant Necklace

  • December 6, 2012 4:16 PM

I have a tendency to look down at the floor while I walk in the street, looking for lost treasures. Many times I have to be careful not to bump into someone or something….  Every once in a while I find something interesting which I pick up from the floor, examine carefully and imagine how it may look when set in a necklace, bracelet or ring. It can be an interesting piece of broken glass or wire, or something which someone might have discarded on the way. I also do so while walking along the shore by the Mediterranean where I live. Of course I find various pieces of  burned wood, interesting pebbles and shells, even coins,  but what I love most is finding pieces of beach glass. I treat these pieces as if they were prescious stones.

The piece I found and used for this necklace is one, from what I believe, might have been a beautiful bowl once. It is a little bulky, but its color and texture  are stunning. I decided I would make a  pendant necklace by setting it in a bezel and hanging it on a silver chain. Here it is for you to watch:




The glass is translucent and the design on top looks like a small etched daisy on the right. I believe that it will draw interested attention to whoever wears it.