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New Peridot earrings for August (or any other time of the year)

  • August 14, 2012 9:18 AM


Peridot is known to be the birthstone of the month of August.

It seems that no one knows where the name” Peridot” has originated. could be from the Arabic word “FARIDAT” which means “gem” but I am not 100% certain about this.

What I do know is that I simply adore its olive green color. When there is more iron contained in this stone, it defines whether it will tend to be  a yellower or a darker brownish-green. Like in many  stones – the darker the color – the more valueable it is.

When a geologist checks  what the chemical structure of Peridot is, he will tell you that the mineral Olivine, is found in when lavas are carried to the surface, and also found in Pallasite meteorites.

Peridot olivine is mined in these areas: Egypt,  In the U.S. and in more countries in Asia,Europe,Australia South Africa.

Of course Peridots are high priced stones when cut and polished.

Here is a sample of an unpolished Peridot stone which I found in a mineral stones shop, not far away from my home:

Unpolished Peridot stone - Riorita

Unpolished Peridot stone – Riorita

As soon as possuble, I intend to set it in a ring. (I had better hurry up then , as we are already in mid August 2012!!)

Here is a sample of a polished peridot:

Polished Peridot stone

Polished Peridot stone


The myth around  Peridot stones is that whoever wears them will be endowed with success, peace and calm. It will help to soothe your psychic  system while sending away negative feeling and attract love and good health……… I am wearing a Peridot ring right now, and  – please God – help this stone make all these wonderful healing qualities happen to me!(LOL) ….

As I found beautiful zircons in Peridot colors, I decided to handcraft a pair of light summery, affordable August dangle earrings. Until you can collect the sum for the genuine cut stone, you can decorate yourself with these lively lovelies:

Gold plated earrings with Peridot 019 - by Riorita

Gold plated earrings with Peridot 019 – by Riorita


Thank you for watching!

You will find these earrings and more of my jewelry right here:

Ancient Roman Glass Necklace with Ancient Coin Pendant

  • August 7, 2012 11:53 PM


Ancient Roman Glass Vessels

Ancient Roman Glass Vessels

I have recently added an Ancient Roman glass necklace to my Etsy shop. I combined some beautiful pieces of broken Roman glasswhichwere drilled and turned into beads and intertwined them on an industrial silver necklace. The glass pieces have a special beauty with light and dark blue,  blue- green and turquoise shades. They are translucent and whenever I look at them I wonder what the original vessel from which they came from, may have looked.  I also added a few goldfilled beads to it. Then  I created a pendant which I made by setting an ancient Seleucid coin in it, in a sterling silver bezel soldered  on a piece of granulated brass. I designed this as a background forthe coin. and  Finally I hung it in the middle of the necklace between the beads.

The coin is an authentic Phoenician bronze coin from ancient Tyre, where there was also an industry of beautiful glass vessels. It is from the dynasty of the Seleucid kings of Syria. The founder of this dynasty was Seleucus I – Nicator who was one of Alexander the Great’s principal officers, and had become the ruler of Babylon in the year B.C 321.

The total  length of the necklace is 46cm.

Average size of each glass bead is about 10mm x 8mm.

Roman Glass and ancient coin necklace by Riorita Handmade Jewelry Designs

Roman Glass and ancient coin necklace by Riorita Handmade Jewelry Designs



Roman Glass and ancient coin necklace - Riorita Handmade Jewelry Designs

Roman Glass and ancient coin necklace – Riorita Handmade Jewelry Designs


The finall effect of this necklace is elegant and unique. I believe that no one will remain indifferent to it.

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