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New Ancient Coin Ring – Byzantine Emperors Justin II and Sophia

  • April 21, 2012 7:22 PM

A customer of mine has requested me to design and handcraft a ring for her, with an inscription of the letter “K”. At first I was planning  to hammer the form of the letter “K” in Silver or Brass and then solder it on a silver ring, but then I found an ancient Byzantine coin,  and when I viewed it, there it was on one side of the coin – the letter K.

I found out that the coin is an authentic ancient Byzantine bronze coin of Justin II and Queen Sophia dated November 15th, 565 AD to October 5th 578 AD.  The back of the coin bears the images of Justin on the left and his queen Sophia on the right, seated on a double throne. In his hand he holds a globe cross and in hers a cruciform scepter.

I also have a Certificate of Authenticity of the coin.

Ancient Coin Ring - Byzantine Emperors Justin II and Sophia

Ancient Coin Ring - Byzantine Emperors Justin II and Sophia

The following information may be of interest to history lovers:
Emperor Flavious Iustinus (Iunior) Augustos 520 – 578 AD, known as Justine II, became the Eastern Roman Emperor on 565 until 578 AD. He was the son of Justinian I and the husband of Sophia. During his reign he lost in the war against Persia and a large part of Italy.

Justin II was known to have a rigid carachter and he was “dazzled by his predecessor’s glories”. He inherited from his predecessor an empty treasury, which was followed by a  series of disasters during his reign.

Finally he was forced to abdict  his crown to general Tiberius.

Justin said to Tiberius upon nominating him as the new monarch:  “If you consent, I live; if you command, I die: may the God of heaven and earth infuse into your heart whatever I have neglected or forgotten.”

His wife, Empress Sophia and Tiberius ruled together for four years,  Justin sank into growing insanity. He died in 578 AD and Tiberius who succeeded him is known in Byzantine history as Tiberius II Constantine.