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My Sterling Silver Heart and Stones necklace

  • February 25, 2012 2:10 PM

About three years ago I was requested by a customer to handcraft a Heart necklace which would have Blue and Green stones.

I looked up my stone collection and found some Blue and Green agate stones, I handcrafted a hollowform heart design, had it cast to a few pieces and then soldered them on loops I handcrafted. Next to the hearts I soldered the bezels for the stones, set the stones and then connected the loops to each other with small connecting loops. So as you see – I think I did not do too badly! I will be glad for your comments!


Riorita – Silver Heart and Stones necklace


Thank you for watching!

Many times a jewelry store just doesn’t appeal to us.

  • February 2, 2012 10:54 PM

Many times a jewelry store just doesn’t appeal to us.

At their best, accessories are supposed to be personal and have meaning.

They should stand out among the crowd.

When it comes to the offerings at mass retailers, most of the choices are instantly recognizable.

Others have seen this necklace in a commercial, or that bracelet on a billboard, and the personality and surprise factor is simply missing. However, there is another choice.

Here at Riorita Handmade Jewelry Designs, we can give you something that nobody else has: something personal, timeless and eye catching. Each piece, from gold to silver jewelry, is custom designed and handmade. Even items based on the same design are slightly different from each other, giving your jewelry the uniqueness and specialness that you want and deserve.

The options are many and various-  from hammered gold disc necklaces to silver jewelry, ranging from delicate, dainty bangles to substantial, slightly weathered cuffs. Each, whether a classic or statement piece, is made with love, care and, of course, creativity.

The pieces here are made from the finest materials available, and I am completely open concerning the source as well as the authenticity of the stones, metals and artifacts  which are used in her jewelry. Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous birthday present, a personal reward for yourself or a wow-factor purchase that sends your loved one straight for the tissue box, you will find it here.


While more and more often, store shelves tend to hold only replicas of the beauty mankind once created, You can still find authenticity here.