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Handcrafted Designer Jewelry – Precious Gifts With An Artist’s Touch

  • November 22, 2011 8:41 AM

Receiving a gift of fine jewelry is always appreciated, but handcrafted designer jewelry is an unexpected delight.

Handcrafted designer jewelry is a gift that goes far beyond simply being precious metals and gems. It is something unique and special that reflects the unique and special place the receiver holds in your heart. There is no gift that has the power to move a woman like a rare and individual work of art that she can wear close to her heart.

Every piece of handcrafted designer jewelry can truly be called artist’s jewelry because each piece is individually designed and crafted by hand by a talented artist with a personal vision that he or she has brought to life in rare metals and precious gems.

Artist’s jewelry must pass the same standards of fine jewelry you can find in any major mall, but goes far beyond them in both quality and distinctiveness. When shopping for a gift of jewelry, you can give that special person a piece that she might see on another woman at any time, or you can give her something that has been created for no one else but her.

Handcrafted designer jewelry can be refined and elegant, with South Sea pearls and 14 carat gold or contemporary and edgy, made of unusual metals and set with rare stones you might not find anywhere else.  Artist’s jewelry’s value is not found in the materials themselves, but in that indefinable something that speaks to the soul when an artist has captured a mood or a feeling and translated it to a piece of gorgeous wearable art.

Skilled craftsmanship combines with artistic sensibility to create one-of-a-kind artist’s jewelry that enhances the beauty of the wearer. Each piece will reflect not only the skill of the designer, but the impeccable taste of the wearer. As a gift, handcrafted designer jewelry sets apart both the giver and the receiver as truly memorable.

An artist’s jewelry can be so many things. A delicate tendril of vines twining around the throat, each leave hammered and finished by hand. A bold, hand-polished cabochon stone channel set in platinum to draw attention to an unforgettable hand. A sleek curve of etched metal that clasps a wrist. Or an intricate, unforgettable pair of elaborately carved earrings set with a stardust sprinkling of precious stones.  The one thing handcrafted designer jewelry will never be is ordinary.

Fine jewelry has the power to move through its beauty and its feel. There is nothing quite like the feel of cool, precious metal against the skin. The rich, textural details of artist’s jewelry delight the touch as well as the eyes. So give your loved one a gift as daring and unforgettable as she is – handcrafted designer jewelry unlike anything she has ever seen or touched – much like you.



The Most Stunning Jewels – Custom Jewels

  • November 20, 2011 9:32 AM




Rare metals and gemstones simultaneously with an agreeable design and quality crafting are the best ingredients for the manufacture of the perfect piece of jewellery. Every stunning precious stone can become a pleasant jewel if crafted right. If you want to make a custom designed jewel, so that you are able to choose the metal and the gemstone that make the ideal piece of jewellery for you, you should take some things into consideration.

Firstly, ask for a specialist gemologist’s advice in this matter. He can share precious tips and tricks with you and most significant he can help you measure the stone’s value and authenticity, because nowadays the market is packed with stones that make out they are genuine but as a matter of fact don’t worth anything. It would be ideal if the skilled knows you as a buddy, and he knows your tastes, because this will help him choose and design the jewellery that fits you best.

Ensure that the stone that you have picked out will be complementary to the jewel’s design. The form and color of the metallic part must be attuned with the gemstone. Some individuals prefer to incorporate, in place of a precious stone, an image of someone close. Pictures are ordinarily incorporated in pendants or brooches.

If you really want your custom-designed gemstone to be very special you can buy one or more of the rarest stones available on the market, like a violet sapphire for example, that is only located in a few rare places in Tanzania. There are many gemstones available, so there are many colors and textures that you are able to pick out from. Do not rush, make certain that you look at a huge amount of stones for your jewellery, as their are infinite possibilities before you when building custom jewellery. Invest tons of time in the look for the stone and design, because this search will be rewarded with a good jewel for you! If you want to order a custom piece of jewellery as a gift for your significant other’s birthday for example, start looking at least a month prior to the birthday.

These days custom bracelets are very fashionable. They can be found in many shops. A custom bracelet is a special bracelet that has your own name imprinted on it. They are perfect at familiar birthday parties as a reminder from the individual who organized the party. Custom bracelets are also used by charitable organizations as a way to increase the popularity of their occasions. Between the letters that spell your nme various stones can be placed, making some of the custom bracelets very stunning and filled with taste, they can also be considered artistic.

You may think about antique, or even other culture’s jewels a resource of inspiration for your custom design. If everything will work against as it should, you will have a lasting piece of jewellery of great emotional value and beauty.