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Jewelry Rings – Flea Market Inspiration

  • October 29, 2011 2:09 PM

Many women find that Jewelry is something you can never have enough of.Wouldn’t you agree with me here gals?

It is true that I enjoy handcrafting jewelry in my handmade jewelry designs workshop , but I also love to take a day off and pay a visit to flea markets, to search for special pieces of jewelry. When I find a rare item in these places , a silver ring for example,I or even if it is made of a relatively cheap metal such as brass or copper, and I find that it isreasonably priced, I feel a surge of energy .one may think that I found a real treasure. But do you know what? – a real treasure it is!

Sometimes I look at the handcrafted jewelry item and I it teaches me something of how to create my own. I say to myself: “WOW! How didn’t I think of this technique before!”

I believe that women who choose to wear handcrafted artisan jewelry get the satisfaction of  feeling exclusive.


Agate and silver Flea Market ring

Agate and silver Flea Market ring

Coral Abalone and silver - Flea Market ring
Coral Abalone and silver – Flea Market ring










These rings are simply gorgeous! I just had to have them.


Here are a few rings which I handcrafted under the” inspiration” of these:

AquaMarine silver jewelry ring by Riorita

AquaMarine silver jewelry ring by Riorita

AquaMarine silver jewelry ring - Riorita

AquaMarine silver jewelry ring – Riorita




Ethiopian Opal and silver ring - by Riorita

Ethiopian Opal and silver ring - by Riorita

Asutralian Boulder Opal Ring - by Riorita

Asutralian Boulder Opal Ring - by Riorita













You may say: “These earrings do not resemble the ones from the flea market”!

Well, I definitely do not copy them, but I love their rich bulky, kind of rough, look and this is what I have adopted.

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Affordable Jewelry a Click Away

  • October 17, 2011 10:08 PM

Ever become tired of searching through endless mall shops, attempting to locate high quality jewelry at affordable prices? What about attending big jewelry sales that just fail to deliver? If this sounds familiar to you, you ought to join an increasing crowd of scores of consumers who are discovering affordable, high quality jewelry online. Everything from wedding rings, engagement rings, diamond anniversary bands, watches and more can all be discovered online and purchased from the comfort of your house.

 These days, internet shopping has in a very short space of time become appreciated and applied by all social and age groups, as a perfect alternative to crowded, schedule restricted jewelry shops. And why should not it be so well liked when it saves you precious time, effort, and cash? Imagine having to find a special ring or a wedding band just a few days from such holidays as Valentine’s Day, when all the jewelry stores are invaded by hundreds and many people just as busy as you. Senseless hours being wasted browsing overprice jewelry being sold by commissioned sales associates. It is time to locate a better way.


Online jewelry shops offer a varied range of products, from earrings to gemstone jewelry, from rings and bands to watches and special products ( for special occasions). Also, you can find bits of jewelry manufactured from white or yellow gold, platinum, stainless steel, tungsten carbide, and precious gemstones – including rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and more. A variety of products, for all tastes and fit for each occasion, lie waiting to be found. You can easily find the most amazing pieces of jewelry, from diamond anniversary bands to golden or pearl rings and earrings. And online selection can’t be beat. There are literally millions of bits of jewelry available on the internet – much more than any one outlet could ever stock.

 Of course, the best feature of web based shops is that the prices are usually much under brick and mortar shops. Internet stores do not have to put money into costly showrooms and have a dramatically reduced overhead. This savings is passed on to you, and you benefit by having the same jewelry items at reduced prices. Furthermore, many online jewelry stores offer free shipping and cash back returns so you can buy for less, but nonetheless buy with confidence.

 Online jewelry shopping is a prosperous industry as more and more people are feeling comfortable with making larger buy online. Buying jewelry online just seems sensible for so many reasons – the time saved, the virtually limitless selection, and affordable prices. It just can’t be beat.

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