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Why I Enjoy Handcrafting Unique Handmade Bracelets

  • August 14, 2011 11:19 AM


Why I enjoy handcrafting unique handmade bracelets


Many years ago, I worked as a secretary in a Foreign Affairs office in Haifa which had to do with various study groups from Africa and Asia, concerning Culture studies,Childcare courses etc.,

I remember one of the lecturers,who was  an American lady,  had a  tall and slender appearance. She used to wear simple casual clothes for her lectures, but , everytime she arrived she was wearing an amazing bracelet, on her hand. This single ornament she wore, made her look very special to every person who watched her. Each time it was a different beautiful bracelet or bangle. I was most impressed with her, because this bracelet indicated her inner personality and taste. She used to come into the office and all eyes were turned directly to her hands, to see what she was wearing  THIS time.

riorita handmade hammered bangle with beach glass

This lady has had a strong influence on my special attraction to bracelelets, and I continue to invent them in my mind, every time I remember her.. I wonder if she would ever guess what a strong impact she had on my creativity.

So, let me tell you about my handcrafted sterling silver bracelets.

I spontaneously design and craft my handmade bracelets according to my moods. Sometimes I want to create a demure thin classy bracelet which can be worn with any outfit, and at other times I like to craft a wide hammered silver bracelet with free form stones, or shapes. I like to create both  rustic designs or clean classic ones too.

The richer designs are more fun to create, becasue there I simply let myself go. I spend a few enthusiastic hours on handcrafting them, unable to stop until the bracelet is finished. I simply cannot wait to see how it will look in the end of the process .


In my work I like to innovate. I may be inspired by fashion magazines or other jewelry designers, but I never ever copy someone else’s design. I do this because it is my own personality I wish to display, not someone else’s!


WRiorita thin 925  silver banglehen designing a bracelet, I try to remember the rule that sometimes MORE is LESS. While based on traditional methods, I try to add my own understanding of what is an aesthetic,or  artistic element,  to my work.

Riorita "Smart Eyes" cuff bracelet


I also take care that my bracelets will be durable, so that my customers will be able to enjoy them for many years to come, while remaining in fashion. For this purpose I use high quality materials such as solid silver mostly with solid  gold.decorations with or without stones. I hope you will like them as much as I do.

Riorita Free form handmade silver hollowform beads with stones

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Homemade Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry For Every Outfit

  • August 7, 2011 8:45 AM

Until about a decade ago, we used to believe that without any doubt,  only jewelry which was created of gold, diamonds and pearls is considered  jewelry forever. I myself used to think of it that way, until I discovered the world of handmade art jewelry  created from  other materials.

Nowadays, more and more celebrities appear in public with impressive handcrafted artisan jewelry items which have been created with sterling silver, or a combination of other metals, with free form natural stones, or beach glass.

riorita unusual dangle sterling silver earrings with coral beads

It seems that the latest trend in Jewelry today is the kind  which has been created in an artist’s workshop- handmade jewelry. It is true that many artists still craft jewelry from gold diamonds and pearls, but one has to pay an enourmous amount of money for these items, while if the same artist uses Sterling silver combined with other metals, natural free form stones  and such, and his art is much more affordable, but not less unique!

Riorita ear posts 22k gold plated handmade sterling silver jewelry

Today, more and more people are interested in a variety of natural stones , and an endless line of crystals in a long row of shapes  forms and colors.

You can match with an outfit an unusual necklace , or just a single stone silver pendant on a silver chain, with or without   ear posts or studs when you are in a more sportive- like mood, or long silver drop earrings which reach below your jaw line ,with a cocktail dress in the evening.

Finally – when you can match various affordable items with your wardrobe, you will be representing  a trendy and classy lady, who will have heads turned when she is around.

The jewelry examples you will find in the post come from my own workshop of artisan crafted jewelry.

Snakelike sterling silver heart necklace


More of my jewelry can be viewed in my etsy shop: