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Why People Like Handmade Jewelry

  • April 16, 2011 11:10 AM

Special Handmade Gift Ideas

Many of us love to wear handmade jewelry designs.  We love finding new things and  want to be seen as wearing  something which shows us as we are and not necessarily  what  is worn by other women in the street. By wearing handcrafted artisan jewelry , people get a different impression of beauty. Therefore, gift buyers search for unique handmade jewelry items in master artisan shops rather than buying common jewelry which can be found anywhere.

rioritahandmade jewelry designsMost people know  that unique  jewelry items  are  timeless.  Items such as these will always remain classic and  in style and you can turn to a  custom handcrafted jewelry designer for securing your special keepsake design.

Artisans and artists who handcraft  such unique and custom jewelry are  professionals when it comes to the creation of beautiful and unusual jewelry artwork. You can rely on their  experience and expertise to get your piece of unusual stunning jewelry that all your family and friends  will appreciate! These artisans are proud of their  talent and skills  invested in producing their work for the clients. Such handmade jewelry designs are much closer to those people who really appreciate pure art and creative beauty.

rioritas handmade jewelry designs

Handmade artisans spend a significant amount of energy and time when it comes to choosing  gemstones with quality, finding and materials  in the right size, shape, color and luster. It is a real challenge to the artist whenever choosing their quality materials such as combinations of stones, coins or beads with various metals like gold, silver, copper,  wires, and more.

riorita handmade jewelry designs

The jewelry making process is intricate and involves correct combination of right gemstones and accents that can provide uniqueness with harmony and balance to the finished item.  Custom handcrafted jewelry definitely requires a great deal of creativity, imagination and expertise for  its creation.

rioritahandcrafted artisan jewelry


When we are praised for our art,  we feel real joy and it makes us become even more creative and happy with the work we do.

I am one of these handmade jewelry designers.

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Rainbow moonstone magic

  • April 7, 2011 10:10 AM


Riorita handmade jewelry designs

I have added another ring to my handmade jewelry designs shop collection. This time it is a ring I called “Eye of tne Moon”.

I called it so because I set a Rainbow moonstone shaped like an eye on a round sterling silver band. The stone is set in a 22kt gold bezel, and can be worn as the main ring in a stackabe ring.

Riorita handmade jewelry designs

riorita handcrafted artisan jewelry

Like all my handmaded silver and gold jewelry designs, I made this one with love.’

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