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Ancient Roman Coin Adventure

  • March 30, 2011 10:44 AM

I am still elevated on this wave of ancient coins. I purchased this unusual large bronze  ancient coin  with the image of the Roman emperor Philip II of Antioch Syria. I set it in a handcrafted pendant with a foxtail chain decoration around the bezel, and it hangs on a beautiful industrial foxtail chain .

Anyway I was at my jewelr’s table in my handmade jewelry designs workshop  and handcrafted a new necklace.

I handcrafted  it so that it is two sided. One can wear it with the back of the coin facing the world too.

The coin is large and relatively heavy. I added a foxtail chain decoration arund the bezel and hung it on a foxtail chain. They go so well together!

Large Constantinius necklace

Constantininus necklace -back

I love how it flatters whoever wears it.

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Happy Color For Spring

  • March 28, 2011 10:04 AM

Spring is here again Halleluya!

Time to celebrate it by wearing these awesome  teardrop Red Agate  dangles! Even if you are in the most serene mood, these firy earrings which I handcrafted in my handmade jewelry designs workshop will make you look happy and, believe it or not, will  even change your mood accordingly, becuase people will be SMILING at you!

You can find them right here:

Handcrafted artisan jewelry by riorita

After you purchase them, please contact me and dare to tell me I was wrong!!!!

Until then – here’s some love from me: