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  • March 27, 2010 4:45 PM





This morning I decided to get up a little later. After all it is Saturday. Looked at the grey sky outside my window and said to myself :”Yes! This is a stay at home day” . Then, you know the procedure : I went to my computer to check if there were any purchases during the night,   then I fixed myself a nice huge cup of coffee , and while I was enjoying myself, I looked around me and thought :”Nice place I have here”… but I saw some dust here, and  a stain there,  and I do not know what happened  to me, but I got up all in a frenzy , grabbed a bunch of cleaning rags and detergents  and started cleaning, rubbing, dusting. ..Now as I finally sat down to rest, it all looks  so bright and fresh.  My small apartment smells like paradise (I guess no one knows how it smells there), so I can go and fix myself another cup of coffee, and add a nice piece of cake to it too!

Now as I entered the Etsy site I looked up the tag “Spring Cleaning” and – unbelievable .There were about 900 to match this tag. So I realized I was part of a spring cleaning community “so what’s new about that”?…

A few of my new jewelry pieces which I handcrafted only recently:


Spring dangle Earrings



Sterling Silver Jewelry Ring with Facetted Labradorite

Round Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace with Granules

Here are a few cute shops I found under “Spring Cleaning”:


1. In KBKExtras shop:

A lovely colorful pile of buttons, tacked together . Will help you tack up your important papers:




Handcrafted blue Button Tacks

Handcrafted tacks

Handcrafted Blue Button Tacks, Spring Cleaning Destash




















 2.  BROOMCHICK‘s shop:






listing :

I found there a delightful kitchen broom. The seller tells us that the brooms are extremely functional and decorative and a blessing to your home. When I view the broom I agreed to this immediately:






Decorative Kitchen Brooms




3.  decorativeinstincts shop


A lovely Cheerful Floral Apron.

Seller explains that there are adjustable straps at neck and it ties at the waist, and it also has a handy pocket across front.

Cheery Floral Apron

There are many more wonderful items tagged under “spring cleaning” on Etsy. Your are welcome to check


Aquamarine – Stone of March – Spring is Here

  • March 13, 2010 1:55 PM

It seems that Winter has just given up to an early Spring.  It all began on Mid February .It seems that only yesterday,  the official winter season has begun here in the Middle East, and before I could feel the chilly cold winds I’ve known from all the former winters, having to choose which  heavy coat to wear, which scarf  to adapt to  my outfit, and so on, it has suddenly decided to change. Without  early notice, Spring has arrived. You know what I mean –  birds chirping  messages to each other, butterflies in the air, mosquitoes and lots of signs of Romance such as missing someone you used to love once…

Now it is  MiddleMarch. and I have brought a few items here which I think will go well with the this time of the year:

Large Queensland Boulder Opal and Sterling Silver Necklace

I know, you’ll be thinking –  this is an Opal, and the stone of March is an Aquamarine?  Well – you are quite right. Only – this Opal stone has numerous hues in it, among them – a tiny bit of red, Ochre Yellow, sky blue and Aquamarine. So even though it is an Opal it is definitely a March stone!





Aquamarine, Sterling Silver and Gold Pendant with Garnets, Aquamrine and Gold beads necklace

Aquamarine, garnets and gold necklace

My Large Organic Gold Plated Sterling Silver hoops are no doubt a light pair of hoops which will go perfectly with all Spring outfits:

Large Organic Gold Plated Sterling Silver Hoops


I searched Etsy today and found more items related to Spring:

1.  Lampwork beads – Purple fairy Bells in Gaialai’s shop:

 Purple Fairy Bells

They seem to be so light and lovely – just like bells tingling gently in the air.

Then I found this cute tiny fluffy chick in a shop named “formydarling”:

Spring chick


And a cute colorful handbag with red and white stripes just in time for Spring and Summer


Soulder bag, Everyday purse, White & Red Canvas

There are still so many beautiful items in the Etsy spring collection . You only have to choose!