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  • December 18, 2009 9:59 PM


For the last 48 hours it has been raining here, in this dry part of the world.  The other night I was reclining on my sofa, comfortable  and easy, with my cat purring on my lap ,  the wind outside was howling and torrents of rain were pouring angrily , hammering on my windows  as if  demanding to be let into the house… but the harder the rain pounded – the happier I felt.  Every teardrop from heaven counts in my country!

While the rain was pouring outside, I was listening to Eric Clapton singing  “would you know my name – If I saw you in Heaven?”  which always makes my eyes kind of damp..

Many many “teardrops”  in Etsy shops. About 16,000.  Mostly  jewelry  created with teardrop shaped gems and stones. I’d  like to introduce some of mine and a few art pieces which I found and admired:

Silver and Gold Teardrop Studs

Silver Wire Necklace and Teardrop Pendant








Aventurine Teardrop Silver Dangle Earrings









My Teardrop Wishlist:

  The first item which made me laugh  is a print by DanaKomjaty “Art print “Black Birds Don’t Cry”

In which she  used mixed media including a vintage fabric, guoach paints and ink.

I have a tiny comment regarding black birds – perhaps they do not cry, but they definitely like to leave their gifts on my freshly hung washing! I’d prefer if they cried instead!

Here is where you can find it:

Black birds don't cry!


The second art item is “Alice’s Sea of Tears” art print where Alice is crying while  sailing on a teacup boat in a sea of tears.


Great theme and colors. I found it very amusing and wonderful at the same time:


The third and last piece in my blog is Kategreiner’s Sewn paper raindrop decoration pack.


Sewn paper raindrops decoration


Very very pretty don’t you think?…

Happy Holidays everyone!!


  • December 9, 2009 12:39 AM


Link to my shop:

FREE SHIPPING worldwide on all items in my shop until the end of 2009!

Customers will be refunded shortly after payment, through Paypal.

In my last post I displayed  jewelry which I listed in Etsy as items under $30.00

Here is another jewelry section in my shop. You will find more  items which I have handcrafted. Prices are under $40.00 – rather affordable!

Here are the items:

Earrings Sterling Silver Granulated domes:   US$ 32.00

 Earring sterling Silver Domes with granules


Small Ancient Style Silver Pendant Earrings – US$ 32.00

Small Ancient Style Silver Pendant Earrings


Small Earrings Sterling Silver with Opals – $39.00

Small Earrings Sterling Silver and Opals


Small Gold plated Sterling Silver Studs – $34.00

Small Gold Plated Sterling silver Studs


Small Silver and Goldfilled Earrings – US$ 35.00

Small Silver and Goldfilled Earrings

Small Earrings silver and Rubies – $35.00

Small Earrings Silver with Rubies - $35.00