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  • November 28, 2009 12:18 PM



Exactly a week ago, something very wonderful has happened. My daughter gave birth to my first grandson! A real new born prince charming!

prince charming- one day old!

 Welcome to the world  little one!

I know – you will think to yourself – so what! Millions of babies are born every day!
Well, this is my first and I am very happy, and I have love and greetings in my heart to all the new grandmothers (and grandfathers) who’ve got a new grandchild on November 22nd 2009!  Viva and Hooray to all Grandparents!!!

I only wish that all these newborns, will never know hunger and pain or sicknes, war or terror and more of the horrible sicknesses in this world of ours!

May God read this prayer right off my heart with the hope he will grant it!


As now beside jewelry, I have babies on my mind, I added a few babies’ items here for you to view:

All are handmade by Israeli artists.

Studio Danale’s shop

Baby girl’s  nursery wall hanging!

That’s for my grandson’s girlfriend, or bride to be, of course!

Baby girl's nursery wall hanging

The second item:

Vardashilo’s Handpainted Folk art Etsy shop

How wonderful to be able to collect a kid’s toys in such a beautiful and useful piece of furniture .

Hand Painted Orchard toy box/seat

The third item:

Bouji’s shop

Crib Bumpers set – Bear’s Dream

 Crib Bumper set - Bear's Dream

 So warm colorful and cozy to be wrapped up in a lovely blanket like this one!

Another blanket with a complete different style, perhaps more babyish,  is found in the following shop:


Soft and Cuddly Organic Flower Blanket

These are only few of the kid’s items on Etsy. There is a large variety in Etsy

and I guess there’ll be many more to come!







Here we go:

Last week I went through some very hectic days. I will not bother you with the details, as all of us have our good and bad days. Even so, I have managed to enlist two new jewelry rings in my Etsy shop. You can tap me on my shoulder for that. Oh –  Thank you!…

My shop:

The first item is a tear drop shaped Green Chalcedony and silver jewelry ring.

When I first saw the stone in the gem  shop I fell in love with it and bought it . The next day it was already set in a Sterling ring which I handcrafted for it.


Green Chalcedony and sterling jewelry ring


The second ring  is a Sonora Sunrise stone set in a sterling silver  ring:

I saw the stone in an internet shop and, again, as soon as it arrived I knew exactly where I wanted to set it:


Sonora Sunrise and sterling jewelry ring

Both of the rings are listed in my etsy shop :

I like to looke around   my Isart Israel Team  shops  to see what is new, and found a number of items I would have liked to add to my personal wish list, I must say there are many many more, but these are the ones I chose this Friday:

Rutik Handmade Cuties:

An awesome Cozy Owl case. It is created from Eco felt made of recycled plastic bottles and lined with organic cotton fabric. An amazing item!

Felted Owl

And here is a Hanuka gelt bag:

Hanuka Gelt Bag


Would make an excellent Hanuka gift.

Another shop which has  always enticed me to go and and see what is new in it is

Lilyja’s shop:

The first is a necklace which  reminds me of  the  jewelry  worn by a graceful and sensuous  model in the Gustave Klimt paintings. Night at the Opera


And a lovely pair of unique Turquoise flower earrings:

Brass Turquoise Flower earrings

I think these jewelry items deserve to be on other people’s wish list too!

You are most welcome to visit our Etsy shops and as for my post – I’ll be happy with your comments!

Tear Drop Turquoise Aqua Marine Jewelry Ring

  • November 13, 2009 6:18 PM

I posted this ring yesterday in my Etsy shop . The Turquoise and Aqua Marine coloured beach glass was set by me in a ring which I designed and created from Sterling silver. I set the bezel in the shape of a large tear-drop and fitted the beach glass into it.

Turquoise Aqua Marine Tear Drop Beach Glass sterling jewelry ring

After creating the ring from Sterling Silver I soldered 6 tiny 14k gold balls on both sides of the bezel. (3 from each side).
When I finished setting the piece of Sea glass into the bezel,I Oxidized it and gave it a matt finish.

Size of the ring: US size 7.5.
Size of the beach glass: about 2.5cm x 2cm
Max. thickness of the glass : about 11mm

Turquoise Aqua Marine sterling jewelry ring

Turquoise is the stone color of the month of December .It is a One Of A Kind unique jewelry ring, and the Turquoise-Aqua Marine hues of the glass are most flattering to the hand.

Jewelry ring on the handsterling jewelry








Aqua Marine sterling Jewelry ring

Price : US$ 105.00

To buy: