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New Ring in my Rioritajewelry Etsy Shop


Posted on : 27-Sep-2019 | By : iritma010 | In : Riorita's Handmade Jewelry Designs

I have always thought of Pink Rose Quartz as a delicate stone, not too much character to it, just pale pink, until I found a beautiful rectangle beautifully cut stone. When I picked it up I immediately thought of a minimalist ring which would emphasize it’s beauty. Well – you will be the judge of that!

In my workshop I cut a strip of Brass, hammered it gently and made a wide ring of it on which I set the stone with four thongs. After setting the stone it was thickly Gold filled plated.

The result is a large beautiful minimalist ring!

Rioritajewelry- Etsy.com
Rectangle Rose Quartz Ring
Rectangle Rose Quartz Ring

You will find it in my Etsy shop:

I hope you like it šŸ™‚


Natural Stone Rings – Nebula set in Gold Plated Brass


Posted on : 27-Apr-2018 | By : iritma010 | In : Riorita's Handmade Jewelry Designs

Hand Crafted by Rioritajewelry

Natural Nebula Ring

Lately I’ve been hand crafting rings with natural free form stones. If before I used only Sterling Silver and Gold for my jewelry, I’ve discovered the Gold Plated brass option.

When I say “discovered” I mean the pleasure of choosing a cheaper metal to set the stones, with which I can design freely andĀ  without the fear of wasting expensive metals. With Brass I can spontaneously design Bold jewelry and let my customers decide whether they like the item and buy it with not having to spend too much money for it.

The Brass Ring is professionally and thickly Gold Plated with 18k Gold.

Nebula stone set in Gold Plated Brass:


Handmade by Rioritajewelry

Nebula is a relatively newly discovered stone in 1995 in Mexico. It is calledĀ Ā ā€˜The Birthstone of the Cosmosā€™ and holds a variety of minerals.

The stone owns different formations of pale green orbs speckled over a dark green background. The light colored veinsĀ are self healed Quartz. The Nebula has a shiny polish and is as tough as Jade. This enables it to be carved and set in jewelry.


To find my Nebula ring please search for:


Under my ring section.

Thank you for watching:)