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Rose Gold Ear Stud Wheels with Granules

  • January 12, 2012 5:31 PM

  I love wheels. They are one of the greatest, most important  inventions ever. They Go back to prehistory to the neolithic period when they were made of clay by a potter. Today we take wheels for granted. We have them in machines, in all types of vehicles and  – they help us decorate ourselves by appearing in our jewelry.

Rose gold ear studs by Riorita

  I was thinking of wheels when I designed and handcrafted my Rose Gold stud earrings. They are handcrafted from sterling silver and are gold plated, but can be custom made in 14k gold.  They are combined of a small wheel soldered on top of a larger one. In my original design I added tiny balls soldered one next to the other around  each one of the wheels. I call these tiny balls granules. In my earrings the granules are shiny  while the background has a matt finish. Diameter of each stud is 0.9″ (about 22mm). They Can be custom ordered in yellow gold or sterling silver.

Rose gold ear studs by Riorita

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