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My Ancient Roman Glass Jewelry

  • October 12, 2013 1:11 PM

Quite a few years ago, I took a stroll through the ancient town of Caesaria by the Mediterranean, where they built a complex of shops for tourists. I entered an antiques shop in which I saw some beautiful delicate glass vessels and vases. It was explained to me that they  were found in the archaelogical site near by. When I was shown a drawer full of broken fragments which were obviousely parts of similar vessels, I was astounded at  their beauty and variety of Blue Green shades. Some of them shimmered like tiny Silver stars and others with an irridescence of light Turquoise. As I could not afford a vessel which was rather costly, I only bought a few fragments. When I returned home, I put them in a box,  enjoyed watching them from time to time. Then, as often happens with new acquisitions, I forgot all about them.

Some information concerning Roman Glass:

Roman glass was used across the Roman empire Mainly for Domestic purposes. Mainly  for vessels. The glass was developed from Greek technical traditions. At first, there was an abundant use of color in the cast glass. During the 1st century, the use of glass developed highly and there was use of glass blowing and colourless glass. Even so, there were many types of luxurious glass vessels, which were more expensive than the common glass items.



A few years after setting the glass collection aside, I became a jewelry designer.

Through the last 16 years, I’ve been designing to my heart’s delight, many jewelry items. I have used Sterling Silver, Gold, various gemstones, even Sea glass jewelry. Then one day I fell upon my Ancient Roman Glass collection box.

“Well” I said to myself: “High time I do something with these!” And so I did. Here are a few new Ancient Roman Glass and Silver jewelry items I have added to my shop:

 Silver Ancient Roman Glass Pendant Necklace:



Silver Ancient Roman Glass Pendant Necklace by Rioritajewelry

Pendant Necklace by Rioritajewelry

Ancient Roman Glass Silver Earrings:

Ancient Roman Glass Earrings - rioritajewelry

Silver Earrings and Roman Glass



Rioritajewelry Ancient Roman Glass Neckless

Rioritajewelry Ancient Roman Glass Neckless


Dear friends, Hope you enjoyed my little story.



Casual Amethyst and Silver Teardrop Dangle Earrings

  • June 1, 2012 8:06 AM

These lovely dangle teardrop earrings handcrafted with sterling silver, an Amethyst cabochon and a tiny drop of 14k Gold, have been listed for some time in my shop, but the photographs were not very great.  As sometimes your mind is occupied with many other designs, you forget to improve the appearance of the ones you’ve created before.

Today I took a look at these earrings and thought to myself: “Maybe if I improve the photographs they will get the attention they deserve”. They definitely deserve more attention, as they are classic, will go with any outfit, they are defined as casual, but they will receive the right respectrul attention when you wear them.

So I took new photos of them this morning. I hope they are more flattering to the earrings:

Amethyst and Silver Dangle earrings by Riorita

Amethyst and Silver Teardrop Dangle earrings by Riorita



Casual Amethyst and Silver Teardrop Dangle Earrings - by Riorita

Casual Amethyst and Silver Teardrop Dangle Earrings - by Riorita


Amethyst and Silver Teardrom dangle earrings - The back

Amethyst and Silver Teardrop dangle earrings - The back

I am not sure the photographs are really perfect, but they seem to be better than the former ones.